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These FISHES  earrings are a show stopper, literally sold out in one of my trade Tiki shows.


Natural straw earrings are made of hadwoven palm leaves of "Ludovica palmitata" also commun named as toquilla straw or spanish translation "paja toquilla".


Paja toquilla is the same straw use to woven the famous Panama Hat, actually not handmade in Panama, but in Ecuador. It is the finest and lightest of the straws in the world, that is why even the earrings are big an statement as seen in the pictures , weight almost nothing.


Everything in the design, including  the 3  tiny tail tassels are made og toquilla straw


The earrings are mounted or woven to gold filler 14 k posts, the best post I can afford to put in my artistic jewelry. Enjoy!

Teal Fishes straw woven toquilla tassels earrings

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