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Our Core Values

Our fair price model gives independence to the woman artisan who does not work in sweat shops , but from home and receive for each piece the fair value she wants to receive for her work.

When opened my first booth in one of the Plazas at Old Town San Diego, I needed to dress like an 18th-century pioneer and make jewelry in front of the tourists. That is how I started to create and handmade my jewelry. I traveled back to Ecuador and for a month learned from artisan women, ancient beading techniques I share in my jewelry, like weaving, macramé, knotting, and crocheting . 

For that reason I value and pay fair value to each person who works in my designs, because I am not only a designer , I am also artisan , who knows how much time, effort and skills and actually love , takes another artisan to work in my creations.

We believe business is not divorced from ethics, fairness, environmentalism and community involvement and this business model makes a difference not only for the makers but for the customers who appreciate and enjoy our sustainable jewels.

I have been creating slow jewelry before the slow fashion movement became a trend. The process of dry, dye, harden and polish a raw nut harvested from a tree is not fast, it takes up to 6 months for a nut to dry hard, 2 weeks to dye the colors, days and countless hours of beading, carving , polishing and finally treating the nuts so they get curated like wood and protected against bugs and humidity changes.


We don’t cut roads or steps in our artisan production, and because we warranty our jewelry will last to be inherited by your next generations, our prices are not cheap, are fair because they take in accounts the time we expend in this slow and fair, naturally unique jewels.


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