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This necklace in tribal bombona hand-painted beads and tagua claws and disks, beaded in cotton waxed cord and hanging in vegan leather cords is a tribute to P22 and all the CA cougars.


The tagged mountain lion from Ventura mountains was super famous for his encounters with civilization practically living in the urban jungle. Finally, he was practically trapped in Griffith Park, his most famous wild residence, in the last enclave of nature in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world.


He makes us realize the importance of building bridges, overpassing the freeways o under the freeways for wildlife crossing. On earth day April 2022, a crowd gathered along freeway 101 in Augura Hills, to celebrate the groundbreaking of the first bridge Wallis Annenberg Wildlife crossing, once complete will be the largest wildlife crossing in the world.


Unfortunately, it will come too late for P22 or the Mountain Lion that inspired and started this battle. He was euthanized in January 2022 in San Diego zoo after a car hit her.



Cougar land yellow tribal necklace

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