My Hero



Giving back, should be in our DNA, you don't need to be rich to give back to orphan girls,  and  You are My hero that makes this possible. Thanks for your genuine love and support! I have learned to be thankful in life and to give back, to receive more blessings.

In the future we envision our brand name, leaving a legacy for others. At the end of our lives the value of a person is not in how much money that person left in the bank or in the stock market, but in the lives that person touched in a positive way.

We will continue with our "Operation Girl Empowerment" charity work, giving Barbie dolls and school supplies to orphan girls in Ecuador, but we want to give also scholarships to those girls. We need a village to raise a girl and we can acomplish this only with the support of women like you.

My kids have fur, and all have been rescued, that is why I am so comitted with Animal Rescue in USA. We create every year new designs for our Animal Rescue line designed for animal lovers “You rescued Me” which promotes animal rescue and donates 30% of the sales to provide food to our local rescue places , but we want to be able to pay large veterinary bills to save an abandoned or abused pet’s life when is needed.

How is your life today? Are you happy or do you need a mood lifter? The tropical, vacation, natural feeling of our jewels , will transport you to a special moment in your life, a visit to the Amazon rainforest, to Alaska Glacier Bay, or that paradise island where you did tons of exploration, and adventures. To that bar hut in the Caribbean or South American beaches, where you danced barefoot salsa rithms on the sand, with a Mojito in hand, under a sky full of stars.


Think about it! Even in a rainy, dark day, our colorful jewelry will bright up your day and will make you smile.

Empower yourself with happy ecojewels giving back and promoting rainforests conservation.  Let's start to put Organic Jewelry by Allie in your life!

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