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The Designer

Allie Thornton head designer of Allie Tagua jewelry and Organic Jewelry by Allie
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Allie is sourcing seeds at the Amazonia
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Hola amigas and welcome to my shop! My name is Allie Thornton, designer of Organic Jewelry by Allie. I am glad that you stop by here!

In Organic Jewelry  I create colorful eco jewels, giving back. Our customers feel empower with statement jewels and knowing 10% percent of the sales give back in education to orphan girls in Ecuador.

I truly believe a girl who grows with love and education will become a successful and useful woman for her community. Wearing our jewels you have the power to become a hero and change a little girl 's story.

I am not minimalistic, subdue or neutral. I am latina, colorful, expressive and create  jewels for bold, unapologetic women, who love to leave an impression with unforgettable jewels.

The artisan women who work in my designs in Ecuador have the freedom to work from home and raise their families with economic independence.

I strive to empower women with my sustainable jewels,  in our whole  ecosystem from their wearers, to the makers. My customers are being part of a bigger movement, they support conscious fashion.

My inspiration does not come from trends born in fashion capitals like New York or Paris, but from the natural world surrounding us , its shapes, colors and seasons.

Our designs are inspired in nature and nature ethically sourced. I create designs with natural symbolism resembling rainforest flowers and animals and our colorful palette is inspired in the color explosion found in thriving ecosystems.

A visit to Scripps Ranch Oceanography institute in La Jolla, brings me home with a lot of palette ideas inspired in the colors I saw at the coral reefs. A travel to the Amazon rainforest and the shapes and colors I witness in the flora and fauna is translated in colorful botanical iconographic designs.

The media selected for our jewelry making is organic and come either from sustainable harvested Amazon rainforest seeds, and nuts, or are recycled repurposed materials like wood coming from wine barrels from CA wine country where I have my residence.

My rainforest sourced jewelry , promotes sustainability and preservation of rainforest trees for their economic value, if we give the rural and rainforest communities an economic reason to preserve the trees, because the seeds and nuts are giving eco friendly jobs, these communities will become the first guardians of our rainforests.

For threading and weaving I prefer to use cotton, raffia, hemp, toquilla straw and other organic fabrics or hypoallergenic mediums over metal chains .

We are cruelty free, the tagua nut used in my jewelry is the alternative against animal ivory due its ivory milky color, and is known as "Vegetable Ivory" we are so blessed that the vegan ivory grows in the trees, in Ecuador and Colombia.

The dies that give color to the ivory nut and produce my characteristic colorful jewels are also organic from earth and plant dies. My designs are produced in small batches and leaving the minimum carbon footprint in the environment.

If you love our jewels with a mission, become a Rainforest Insider, subscribe to our newsletter, fill our VIP form and enjoy exclusive Access to secret sales, tips of how to care for your jewels, articles about sustainable living,  access to limited edition collections and much more. 

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Rainforest tagua sourcing
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