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Our Vision

We release every year meaningful collections, trying to create with art, awareness, about climate change, ocean conservation, deforestation and environmental issues that involves us all, giving our customers the power to create a powerful impact with their fashion choices.

We are currently active donors and members of Defenders of Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Center of Biological Diversity, The Rainforest Foundation and National Wildlife Federation because these ONGs share our commitment for nature conservation, protection of rainforest bio diversities and ethnic tribal lands in the forest against deforestation .

I deeply believe the future for the fashion is in uniqueness over mass production, because massive cheap fashion is an unsustainable model and creates an use today and discard tomorrow mentality. Our jewels are produced in small batches and I can warranty a piece you select today, you will not see in the neck or hands of another woman in a wedding party or social event.

In the future we envision our brand name, leaving a legacy for others. At the end of our lives the value of a person is not in how much money that person left in the bank or in the stock market, but in the lives that person touched in a positive way.

We will continue with our "Operation Girl Empowerment" charity work, giving Barbie dolls and school supplies to orphan girls in Ecuador, but we want to give also scholarships to those girls. We need a village to raise a girl and we can acomplish this only with the support of women like you.

My kids have fur, and all have been rescued, that is why I am so comitted with Animal Rescue in USA. We create every year new designs for our Animal Rescue line designed for animal lovers “You rescued Me” which promotes animal rescue and donates 30% of the sales to provide food to our local animal shelters.

Our mission is to continue promoting with passion our Nature inspired, sustainable jewels, until Organic Jewelry by Allie, becomes known , not by social media paid advertising but by a word of mouth promoted by our loyal customers, our best ambassadors, and we became the jewelry staple between people living a sustainable lifestyle, and between those conscious shoppers who love ethical, faire and mission driven jewelry

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