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Statement piece that never make it for the show it was specifically created, my avocado necklace in tagua nut rings and pambil seeds.


It was scheduled to be release at  the 2020 for the Avocado Festival in Fallbrook. I always created a new avocado design in limited edition  to go with the  theme, but the Avocado Festival, happening usually in April  got cancelled  2 years in a row , because of COVID 19 and this piece is like an unreleased forbidden fruit that needs to find the right wearer: The avocado lover! 

I hope this unique piece  can see the light after the dark  and make it to the necks of happy tagua and avocado lovers. Because the necklace is just a happy piece. It is so good idea for a 5 de Mayo party or for an Avocado festival  or country party.

The necklace is made of 2 layers of green calamari rings, in the middle of each one there is a rustic pearl of pambil seed that make the statement necklace look like avocados open in halves.

The length is adaptable , on leather ties that extend or pull from the pearl on top. Only 6 available, produced in very limited edition.

Avocado Tagua Necklace/Eco friendly jewelry/Avocado jewelry/Food Jewelry/

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