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Beautiful long square shaped poncho handmade in the Andes by indigenous people, these authentic ethnic geometric patterned poncho is unisex, one size fits all, made with the finest baby alpaca wool blended with acrylic.


Color: Blue background with geometric prints in teal, lavender and green



It is 80% alpaca wool and 20% acrylic



48 inches long and 38 inches wide, open poncho with Aztec designs and hood. One size fits all.


Properties of Alpaca wool:

Alpaca is one of the warmest and finest wools, and is the cashmere of the Andes, providing isolation in the Andes mountains without the weight. Also is a hypoallergenic


WASHING INSTRUCTION• Hand wash OR machine wash in cold water• Use regular detergent• Do not bleach• Lay flat to dry• DO NOT USE A DRYER.

Unisex alpaca wool long poncho blue multi with Aztec geometric designs

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