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These colorful tagua and toquilla straw disks earrings are very colorful and light weight , perfect for bright up your day and all your outfits, since they are fun and classic dangles, they can make the transition from work to weekend fun.

The circles are woven toquilla strap from Ecuador, the same kind of delicate straw use in Panama hats. The drops are tiny and delicate petals carved from tagua nuts.

The posts are beautiful embellished hypoallergenic matte gold brass, nickel free, cadmium free and lead free. Some have a chain link design, other a flower or a shell. Look carefully at the picture details in the close ups.

Tagua nut, also known as vegetable ivory, an eco-friendly material , any time you shop tagua, you are helping to maintain native trees in South American rain-forest.

The length is between 3" and 3.5 inches wide. Depending of the size of the natural tagua petals.

Straw tagua circle earrings/Woven Disks earrings/Statement wicker earrings

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