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This rich and sophisticate 22 inches  natural champagne  pearls necklace is made of the 2 varieties of Spiney Oyster; the orange kind also known as Spondylus princeps and the purple kind also known as Spondylus calcifer.

Double wear and reversible necklace You just flip the necklace and you can show the orange or the purple medallion, is like having two necklaces in one piece.The big oyster medallion is the centerpiece of this unique necklace.

Other stones present are: green aventurine, red agate, purple garnet and cultured pearls in many layers for a royalty Cleopatra princess bib. The closure is also sterling silver clasp, but vintage and oxidised look.

Spiny Oyster is the most precious and rare shell, more expensive than abalone and mother of shell. Sterling silver toggle clasp. It have been use by Navajo and other indian ethnicities around the ancient America in the making of high valued jewels because the shell suppose to attract wealth and prosperity.

In some countries like Ecuador the shell have been overfished for doing this kind of jewelry, that the specie is protected and banned for fishing today, this piece is vintage, made by La Perla designs in Ecuador.

Spiney oyster garnet statement necklace/ Reversible necklace /Pearls bib

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