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This tagua nut sloth pendant is the main protagonist of a necklace made by me using tagua nut claws in different colors, bronze glass beads, achirilla seeds, acai berries in pistachio green, teal, butter yellow, forest green and natural ivory, coconut disks in earth tone, and tagua half moon.

It is an artist collaborative that involves different artists.

The pendant is big and makes a statement. It is 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Letmet tell me about this artistic piece, it is made by Wounaan indians located in Panama rainforests.

The Wounaan and Embera Indian Artisans carve the tagua nut with hand tools and polish the tagua with a variety of fine abrasives; not varnishes or lacquer is used. The natural color of the tagua is ivory, but the colors you see in the tiger design are produced by dyeing the tagua with natural extracts of plants and earth, using the traditional methods for dyeing basket fibers.

Artists that have access to fine India inks sometimes paint the carving. Income earned from the sales of tagua crafts reduces the need to destroy the rainforest for agriculture. Basically, conservation of the rainforest is why I have been in the business of tagua jewelry creation and designing since 2010!

It is a short necklace 17 inches in length, hits a collar bone, and has a Macrame on top that allows to extend the necklace up to 20 inches.

I prefer to wear it as a rather short necklace over collar bone, but goes up to over the chest extended.

Rainforest Sloth Tagua nut Wounaan necklace handmade by Allie

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