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This tagua necklace features hand-carved animals from the African Savanna in Tagua nuts in neutral colors. Natural ivory , tan, and black.

The beads or pearls are bombona seeds handpainted zebra , and jiraffe and the tusks are cruelty-free, made from tagua nuts or vegan ivory.

The beading is in a linen waxed cord, hangs on leatherette or vegan leather cords, and is adaptable in length.

The necklace is asymmetrical, not exactly the same on both sides. This decision design was on purpose, and the designer loves to create asymmetrical and different pieces.

Enjoy this necklace is a total showstopper. Only one made by Alessandra Thornton in the USA with custom-made vegam African animals. It has the signature bead, the elephant holding the tagua palm leaf, she puts this bead to identify her handmade work from others.

Vegan Ivory tagua nut Safari African inspired necklace

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