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Geometric can not be more fun than this colorful tagua nut oval bracelets with natural rustic brown edges.

The bracelets are beaded in stretch elastic, O/S fits all, covered with resin for a brilliant and sharp look.

This ergonomic bracelets adapts beautifully to the curves of the human body for a natural , easy and comfortable look. Even they are stretch , they run small in diameter and will fit a 5" to 6" inches wrist.

Hand-carved from Tagua nuts, an eco-friendly material which grows in palm trees and is harvested only from the Amazon rainforest at South America.

The tagua nut has a texture and a very pleasant feel to the skin, you can feel the beauty of the organic medium, it was inspired in the maximalist style of the jewelry from the times of the bakelite. With irreverent chunky, bold and colorful bracelets and necklaces of that era.

This bracelets are made in the same colorful combination of the 3 layered necklace Natalia, are the perfect match if you are looking for a matching necklace browse in my shop.


Rustic nuts tagua ovals bracelet invibrant color combos

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