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This intricate hand crochet long eco friendly necklace was made with natural red and black huairuru seeds and one Mocora big seed,  also known as the love seed because is heart shaped .

Long necklace, It hits at chest level 22 inches long. Adaptable length macrame closure allows to extend or shorten the necklace up to 5 inches. Woven in carpenter thread very strong material.

It usually takes me at least 6 hours to crochet and 3 days sessions to produce this kind of long necklace in rainforest seeds . This tassel tribal necklace is 100% vegan , hypoallergenic, cruelty free and rainforest jewels help to preserve trees at South America.

Huiaruru red and black seeds according with the believes of South American Indians is supposed to protect against negativity, bad energies and evil eye. Mocora heart shaped size is supposed to attract true love. Very magical piece.

Red Tassel Rainfores & magical love seeds necklace

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