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This beautiful waterfall seeded necklace will make you look like an indian princess. It is made of huairuru seeds natural red and black hanging like a cascade. This special seeds grow in the Amazon rainforest between Ecuador and Peru.

I did not made this necklace, is authentic tribal, indian necklace, I got it from Roberta a very strong woman from the tribe Siona living in Yasuni National Park, and Cuyabeno Lagoon, area protected or indian reservation in Ecuador that is visited only by ecotourism.

We exchanged jewelry tagua nuts for huairuru seeds, from one designer to other, and I was able to see her take out of the root a Yuca tree with her sole hands, while the male visitors mainly from Europe and USA where struggling to do that. 



Huairuru is believed to promote health, good luck and protection against negative energies. The brown seeds are mustard seeds, and the white seeds are called "Angel tears", very magical and realist enchanted necklace, like the AMAZONIA where the seeds grown in trees.


Huairuru& angel tears seeds Amazon rainforest waterfall ethnic necklace

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