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Back to school in a cute style with the new release from Guatemala, animal backpacks made of different colors of Guatemala fabrics joined together in a happy patchwork of color, design, and shapes.


The style here features the turtles, all with rainbow bodies, all made with Guatemalan multicolored fabric.  There are many multicolors turtles available, with slight differences in the fabric print, but all are colorful and cute, we will dispatch the one on hand.


The outside fabrics are cotton pieces, the inside is nylon, the straps are in velcro and plastic connectors, adaptable length.


The dimensions are:

11 " tall

9 " wide

4 " deep ( the turtle shell body)


They are designed only for small kids, they are not very roomy as you can read in the dimensions,  and not designed to carry a lot of books or heavy items inside, but small things, that is why we empathize is more for kindergarten or preschool but not for school kids.

Guatemalan kids backpack turtle multicolor

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

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