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This gorgeous orange peels red roses necklace looks like leather but it is made of orange peels rolled like rose, cooked in the oven and dyed in gorgeous colors.

Orange peel is truly vegan leather and porous, is excellent essentials oils diffuser, just put 1 drop or 2 of oil in the center of the Rose and the aroma will be slowly released during the whole day.

The other beads are also organic and sourced from Amazonian rainforest, bombona and pambil from Brazil died with organic dies without chromium.

Hits under the chest, and can be shorter or longer using the macrame system to pull the cotton waxed cords. From 15" to look like a choker to princes length over collar bone.

Vegan, 100% organic, Good karma jewelry, with natural, cruelty free materials and free of metals

Orange peels necklace/Statement flower necklace/ Eco art jewel

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