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This stunning necklace is part of a capsule release for summer 2024,    we released a few quantities in advance to try the waters.


Designed by Alessandra Thornton and is part of the new collection Mermaid's Treasures.


It features coral branches totally hand carved from tagua nuts and a beautiful sea horse as the center of the reef.   Both the coral and the sea horse are totally handmade from Tagua nuts. For every little detail, we carved the nut with artistry, like a diamond cutter will cut the facets of a stone by hand.


Material: tagua

Length: Adaptable with cotton waxed cord in a macrame system

Style:  The sea horse pendant or charm twist on any side of the cotton, and you can use it with the branches curved in concave or convex style.

Riding the reef sea horse tagua mermaid jewelry

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