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This tagua nut colorful scapulars are one favorite back in stock for my jewelry line "Truly Religious" selling in many California Missions and churches around CA and Nevada. Different of the one traditional brown scapulars, these have been died in very bright and candy appealing fashion colors.

They are made of tagua nut slices engraved with the image of Carmel Virgin in one slice and the image of the sacred Heart of Jesus in the other end slice,.

The cord is braided cotton waxed cord for resilience, this is the kind of piece, the truly believer does not take out the scapular, even to take a shower.

So we decided to use the braided cotton cord for strength and durability.

Unisex scapular, this is the Carmel Virgin scapular, there are other versions of scapulars, but this is the most known, in the catholic religion, the virgin promise to the wearer, that use this daily and has a religious and faithful life a sure salvation and a opportunity of confession before passing away.

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