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This funky and chunky bracelets in rustic tagua nuts is the kind of jewel I like to wear when I feel wild like a cougar. The colors combinations are just addictive colorful. Being green looks cool!

Somebody also told me my designs looks like deer antlers, yes, is a wild , unique design. Wear itself or stackable as seen in this beautiful customer in one of my Tiki shows. They certainly look very tropical.

Do not be worried , the links or C are polished 10 times individually, so the piece is SMOOTH, not pointy or scratchy and I personally use it for work either for set up my booth or work in the computer without adding weight are super bracelets and fun to wear but itself or layered for a big impact.  Perfect for your next Tiki party!

Chunky funky tagua bracelets/C shape bracelet/ Handmade Mod bracelets/ S

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