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This cute ocean life necklace is part of an early capsule release for summer 2024,   we released a few quantities in advance this year to try the waters.


Designed by Alessandra Thornton and is part of the new collection Mermaid's Treasures.


It features the Hawaiian yellow fish, the Hawaiian green turtle, and a sea star, and hanging from them there are little aqua bubbles or aqua tagua pearls, the necklace beads are chips of tagua in pink quartz color, the stone of love. The design is called Burbujas de amor  and translates in English as Sea Bubbles


 it is made or totally hand carved from tagua nuts,  the star media of my jewelry creations.


Material: tagua

Length: Adaptable with brown leatherette vegan cords, slides under the silver plated pearl stopper

Style:  Beach or resort jewelry

Burbujas de Amor Love bubbles ocean inspired jewelry in tagua nuts

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