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This intricate hand crochet eco friendly and 100% organic rainforest tribal necklace was made of baby huayruru natural red and black seeds from Brazil Amazonian forest , coconut disks and saboneteira black seeds on top.

The seeds are collected from rainforest trees and left it dry or petrified for 6 months before we can drill like beads and use in jewelry, it provides to the inhabitants of the forest a eco friendly income. We handmade the jewel and it takes at least 6 hours to crochet and 3 days sessions to finish a piece like this one . It will bright your face and girls will ask you the same question: where you got that? over , over and over.

Huayruru seed is believed to protect against witchery, evil eye , envy and bad energies according with the beliefs of South America and the Andean Indians. Shamans in the rainforest will doing "limpia" of cleaning of the aura of the customers wear rainforest necklaces made of these seeds to protect themselves.

Baby huairuru & coconut statement rainforest magical red necklace

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