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This adaptable wire wrap bracelets are totally stunning, cute and colorful, adaptable size wire. The beads are acai berries and the roses that look like leather are actually orange peels rolls.

There are only 3 available per color all the combinations are stunning color: Choose from multicolor, Orange brick roses and lemon green beads, Turquoise roses and yellow acai, or yellow roses and orange acai. This is all you need to spice up any outfit any time of the year.

The accessories are the key to brighten your day and your look and this eco friendly organic bracelet still has the aroma of the fresh picked orange, cytric perfume is clean, happy and give you energy the whole day in some way is aromatherapy jewelry.

Adaptable wire, one sizes fits all depending of the size of the wrist, wraps around in 4 to 3 layers.

Wrap orange peels bracelet/Organic seeded bracelet/Acai bracelet stacked

$28.00 Regular Price
$19.60Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

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