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This spiked bracelet made of  natural tagua nut shaped like CLAWS or spikes is very diffferent and fun to wear. 

 Beautiful RAW and rustic looking bracelets, the natural  and unique brown nut prints are showing in each one, colorful all deep died in organic dies, polished and cover with resin for a glossy look.

This claw bracelets are perfect gift for your mom, your girlfriend or any super  woman of your life. They make you feel powerful, strong and you.

Tagua nut bracelet/Claws Chunky Bracelets/ Organic wooden rustic fair bracelets

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Handmade item

    • Bracelet length: 7 Inches; Bracelet width: 4 Inches

    • Materials: tagua nut, elastic cord

    • Adjustable

    • Style: Brutalist/ Wooden Rustic 

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