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I design organic jewelry with rainforest seeds, but this beautiful peyote jewelry is not my creation it is authentic tribal, it was made by the Siona Secoya Indian tribe living in Cuyabeno laguna in Ecuador rainforest, one of the many tributaries feeding the Amazon river and part of Yasuni National Park.

I got this bracelet in 2019 during my last travel to resource mediums for my jewels at the rainforest in my original country, Ecuador. If you love nature and conservation like me, a travel to the Amazon is a must in your bucket list. You can not go away of this world without meeting this jardin of Eden, is magical, is rainy, is humid, is wet , but the sounds of the forest and the biodiversity you can see at every step of your journey make you feel part of this universe and take a vote and a pledge for conservation of rainforests.

It is made with Huayruru seeds, the magical seed worn by the Shamans in the rainforest when they perform limpias or cleaning of the souls, because is protective against negativity ,evil eye and negative energies the other seeds are Kumpia the black and Wayampi, the tan color.

This jewelry is authentic tribal, magical, organic, vegan, eco jewelry and earthy friendly fashion.


  • 7.0 inches circle and 6.5 inches wide, let me know which size you need in contact the seller or leave me a note in your purchase or contact form
  • 1 inches wide


  • Beaded in fisherman thread for strength
  • All even the closure is seeds and seed hoop
  • Metal free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handmade
  • Eco jewel
  • Evil eye jewelry

Shaman tribal magic huairuru seeds Amazon rainforest bracelet

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