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These tagua nut  geometric necklaces have been faceted like diamonds or pentagons, by hand, then highly polished for a bold and rich look, the colors are also bold as pictured and that is accomplished by using italian dies. I called this model "Tagua Diamonds"

It is made of hand carved tagua nuts shaped like pentagons and then faceted like diamonds or semi precious stones, the beads and the button that works as a clasp are also tagua nuts. The necklace lies attractive flat as you can see in the pictures, and the length is also pictured with the tape measure 19 to 20 inches, but you can hoop the cotton loop in the pearls and not in the button to make it shorter, depending of your dress.

The tagua nut we use in designing our jewelry is helping to preserve the rainforest in Ecuador, the mother's land of Allie, the jewelry designer of this vegan necklace. Bold necklace only 2 available in each color combo. Truly one of a kind jewelry !

Bright diamonds faceted Pentagons tagua necklaces

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$23.80Sale Price
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