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These tagua nut necklaces have striking color block combinations and all the rings or links are all 100% tagua . This is the vegan version of the chained necklaces, but instead of metal is made of tagua nut rings, cut individually sideways, to link one with other, a very challenging work, during this process you may lost some of the links.

The design is different with 2 layers of tagua rings connected as a chain and finished on top with tagua pears, it made the style classic and at the same style edgy with the chain, the piece is perfect because , is bold ,unique ,statement necklace and super light weight. A necklace does not need to be heavy to make a statement as you can see in my shoots at the vineyards.

Adaptable length pull in cords ,or adaptable leght , you can hook the tagua pearl in the bead for a length between 15" and 19" .

The tagua nut we use in designing our jewelry is helping to preserve the rainforest in Ecuador, the mother's land of Allie, the jewelry designer of this vegan necklace. Bold layered short necklace, but super light weight, and easy to wear with summer or winter fashion.

Chained Tagua necklace/ Pinks chained necklace/Yellow/Purple/Rainbow chain

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