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This spiked layered necklace is made of tagua shaped like the teeth of an jaguar,  the design dawn on me during my last visit to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.


I was able to met in person a wise guy ,  a shaman leader at the rainforest during my last visit to Cuyabeno and the Siona Secoya tribe at the Amazon rainforest. And was impressed with the Jaguar teeth necklace. They don't kill a jaguar any time they made a necklace, instead this necklace is passed from one older shaman to other, from gneeration to generation , when the new one takes its turn as spiritual leader of its community. He is from the ethnia Secoya.


The name of the piece is "Blue Shaman". It is unisex piece, inspired in nature and nature sourced from rainforest tagua nuts. Only one available.

The shaman gave us a limpia or cleansing of our souls, and he  was able to see in each of us the energy ,either positive of negative , we will reflecting to the world. Thanks god he saw on me good energy, but in our argentinian tourist he saw weakness and envy,  but after the limpia we were born again pure, as the rainforest and the world deserve our souls. 


He also tried to teach you to hunt with a servatana, to shoot arrows with our bow, but I was the worst student, First of anything because I don't like to hunt. Enjoy Blue shaman, because is my tribute to the Amazon rainforest .

Blue Shaman rainforest inspired tribal tagua nuts spiked necklace

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