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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

An organic product breathes, is unique, is light, and feels great over your skin, but it also needs special care. When you wear an organic product, think is not plastic, it is biodegradable, but with proper care will last forever.

Have you seen before vintage tagua jewelry? It is from the 40s mainly, it is beaded pearls jewelry in style, has its real color, ivory with no dies and still looks like natural vintage ivory.

With proper care, your contemporary tagua nuts jewels can pass the test of time and look beautiful, bright, and unique. When we create jewels in Organic Jewelry by Allie we are trying to provide you with unique aesthetics and quality that you can enjoy for the years to come. But you can help your jewelry in seeds and nuts to last forever by following 5 simple tips.

So here are 5 best tips we share only with loyal customers like you:


Think of your organic jewels like your skin, the dies are sensitive to direct and prolonged sunlight exposure. In you, the sun causes wrinkles and freckles. In the jewel,s it will fade the dies and make the look dull. So, yes you can wear it to an outdoors wedding or walking around your cruise to the Caribbean but do not sit for hours to take the sun, because long exposure to the sun affects the bright colors of the jewels.


Have your jewels handy in a basket in your dresser, in a wooden closed box, or in a plastic container. Keep it away from sources of water, the same way you do not put cosmetics under the sink because the chemicals deteriorate with water is the same for the Organic Jewels. Please do not bathe or go to the sauna with your jewels and when you wash your hands take out the ring because watering and over-watering the tagua nuts can make the thin slice of the rings, susceptible to breakage. Also the cotton strings we use to weave the jewels or the suede cords in the necklace can deteriorate and break with water.


You can put your jewels in fabric bags over your dresser, in plastic bags in a container close to your bed, or as many of my customers, hang in nails in a frame like a colorful collage of art.

The room has to be well-aired and they will last forever and give happiness to your room. In Organic Jewelry by Allie, my mission is to create jewels that make you happy.


Sun protectors, our own sweat and oils, and perfumes can build up over the nuts and make the piece look dull. Do not use water or strong wood cleaners. Something as simple as an old white t-shirt is more than enough to clean your jewel and make it shine again.

Also I have extraordinary results using only the second cloth of the silver fabric cleaner. Not the grey part that cleans the metal, but the white second cloth used to make the pieces shine.

Another option specially if you live in a beach town like San Diego or Hungtington Beach, is buy the "STICKY BUMPS" original surf wax, the one the surfers use to polish their surf boards, the tropical version of polish version in white wax color. Embed or pass a white towel over this soap shaped bar and with that towel clean or polish your tagua jewel, it will look glossy like new in matter of seconds.


There is one rule to take into account, the skinnier or more frail the material the most susceptible to break during a overseas trip.

There are pieces like our unchained necklace without a metal chain, with some pieces individually sewn sideways to link with the others, petals of tagua nut glued in multidimensional flowers that can be delicate.

For travel overseas or on a road trip with your beautiful organic jewels I only recommend you get a big enough plastic and metal container that you can fit in your carry-on suitcase.

Please, travel with those gorgeous close to you, do not forget they are precious and they are not to be forgotten in a big suitcase. Travel with your jewels with the same care you take of a partner in adventure and you can count on them forever.

They will go with you to the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, to the Baltic, to the Galapagos Islands and Alaska and give you the best look, you deserve. As a jewelry designer of Organic Jewels, I travel with my jewels all over the world. These necklaces and bracelets have many stories to tell!

Please check us and our shop and blog every other month, do not forget us. We are more than sellers or designers, we love to give you value and sustainable living tips.



Northern CA Road trip at Santa Barbara Fisherman Wharp Pier. Deep Sea winery sipping wine while wearing our acai berry rosary with tagua nut cross.


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