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 Allie  Tagua jewelry, colorful eco jewels giving back.

We have a commitment not only to give  job opportunities to skilled artisans in my country Ecuador, but also a commitment to give back to the community and the rainforest from where we take the mediums, the nuts and seeds present in our designs.

We destinate 10% of our profit to provide school supplies and toys for orphan girls in Ecuador and we donate also great part of that money to organizations commited to protect our rainforests , nature and our biodiversities:


 Rainforest Foundation, IFAW, Defenders of Wildlife, Center of Biological Diversity , Rainforest Alliance and National Wildlife Federation.

Are we changing the world? Yes,  we don't need to be rich to give back, is what you leave behind, when you leave this world, not what you have taken from the world what it counts.


As Steve Jobs the creator of Apple said before:

"The people who are crazy enought to  think they can change the world are the ones that do"

A humble nut that can change the story:

The Tagua nut, the true gem of the rainforest

The Tagua nut grows in the South American rainforest from Panama to Ecuador in a beautiful palm tree also known  as "Phyletephas aequatoriales" also known as the ivory nut palm. 

The resemblance of the nut in grain, color and texture with the elephant ivory is so close that the nut is a substitute for ivory carvings and jewelry and the cruelty poaching of elephants.

The vegetable ivory palm have been important for indigenous people in the Amazon, since the beginning of times. They use the nut in the making of handicrafts,  the leaves of the palm to build roofs and its fresh edible gelatinous sweet content as food.

However, in the present with the alarmant rate of destruction of the Amazon rainforests in the search of gas, gold and other minerals, and the clearing of rainforest land to be used as cattle pasture, the economic value of preserving the tagua nut  indigenous palms in the rainforest has become of vital importance for the preservation of our planet against climate change.

According to professor Amstrong of Palomar College in San Diego, CA,  the destruction of the rainforests in Central and South America amounts to about 50 acres per minute. That means a rainforest of the size of Virginia state, dissapears every year.

Fortunately, tagua nut economy can change this trend, according with the Environmental group Cultural Survival, natural rainforest products, such vegetagle ivory can generate up to five times the income of a banana plantation and cattle ranches.

That is why since 2009,  when I discovered the nut, I have been so passionately in love with this medium that can change the course of story. Why search for gold and degrade the rivers that are vital for  the survival of local communities when the tagua nut is the real gem of the rainforest?

Preserving the rainforest, one design at a time, has been my motto since the moment I started my journey as ecodesigner and business woman, because fashion can not be divorced from community and environment involvement.

Now, there is your time to make a change choosing eco fashion with purpose, because vegetable ivory nut economic and environmental success depends greatly in the options we take as ethical consumers.

Help us to preserve rainforests, one design at a time with the true gems of the rainforest , the seeds and the white pearl of the Amazon,  the ivory tagua nut.



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