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About : 8211 Clean light switches 8211 Clean door , 8211 Deep sweep\vacuum and mop under all furniture 8211 Clean baseboards Holden Heights Apartments, Houston Texas © 2022 For this process, I find it helpful to follow a system of cleaning the entire house from top-to-bottom rather than room-to-room so that all the dust and debris that gets stirred up along the way is removed once and for all in one final sweep. How long it takes will probably depend on how big and how dirty your house is, but I find that it usually takes me two full days to make it through the entire list. The first day is spent pre-cleaning, then doing the Top and Mid-to-Top zones, while the second day finishes off the Mid-to-Bottom Floor zones.two maids and a mop pricingIn addition to common business laws, sanitation laws and OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations are a couple of rules cleaning franchisees must make sure they abide by. A large number of these laws concern chemical usage and waste disposal. This is a selling , proposition that has revolutionized the residential cleaning , industry. A customer rates the cleaning service they received on a simple scale from 1 to 10, and that rating alone determines the compensation level paid to the two employees responsible for cleaning the home. This is a great motivational strategy for employees, and an outstanding marketing tool. We are actively looking for individuals who exhibit a strong sales service personality. In addition, we are only interested in individuals who are willing to implement and execute our proven systems. Franchisees must meet minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of the franchise and the initial franchise fee. For more detail, please refer to our Are You Qualified? page.elite house cleaningIn order to avoid cross contamination many of our clients are choosing to provide their own cleaning items for us to use during cleaning sessions. If you are a new customer, we will work out a customized plan to fit your needs. We ask that you please sign the COVID-19 Release , Form once we have that plan set up. Note: we do not supply toilet bowl cleaners. When you hire our caring, dependable cleaning specialists, they take care of the housework that’s been weighing you down. You’ll find that you suddenly have that free time you were craving – and the ability to actually enjoy relaxing activities with your loved ones. In addition, our professional house cleaning services also reduce the presence of germs and allergens in your living space, leading to better health and wellness! Our time on-site will be based on the level of cleaning you select and the extras if any you order. We ensure and guarantee the quality of our service. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll come back and make sure to address your concerns. 99% of our customers are repeat customers. """"""""


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