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Geometric can not be more fun than this colorful tagua nut oval bracelets, O/S fits all, covered with resin for a brilliant and sharp look. These cuffs are fun to wear alone or stacked with other bracelet styles,elastic inside, is one size fits all.

Carved from Tagua nuts, an eco-friendly material which grows in palm trees and is harvested only from the Amazon rainforest at South America.

The tagua nut has a texture and a very pleasant feel to the skin, you can feel immediately you are wearing a piece with a good karma , carrying the force and love of mother earth, is a feeling not compared with tagua or metal jewelry.

Very sophisticated and natural look , fun colors to wear any time of the year to bright up or match, any clothes.

Elastic cotton cord made this bracelet a one size fits all. Many colors, the ones pictured.

Do not submerge your jewelry in water, is not for the sauna or for the pool, also take sun with moderation. To learn more about how to care your Tagua nut jewels check our Blog section.

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