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A new addition to our marine life collection deep ocean, this long necklace that hits at chest level with hand carved marine life and geometric pieces in multicolor, and playful geometric rings and geometric square shapes, nothing is plastic or laser cut, is totally hand carved artisan work in eco friendly tagua nuts. Each necklace is different than the other ,totally OOAK and only one avaialable per style.

The collection wants to create awareness about our role in ocean conservation and leaving clean beaches after a beach day. We life in sunny CA and for San Diegans, ocean preservation is very important, I want to transmit this message with my collection DEEP OCEAN.

Select the one you love , each one is different and features different animals from our oceans, totally hand carved and not machine made by laser. Happy, trendy, playful jewel in tagua nuts and cotton waxed cord

Marine life handcarved tagua nut beach necklace set with earrings

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