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This beautiful seeded necklace will make you look like an indian princess. It is made of huairuru seeds natural red and black in a bold Cleopatra style design obtained by peyote stitching.

I did not make this necklace, I exchanged it with a Siona tribal woman, when visited the Amazon rein forest this year. I gave her my work in nuts, and Roberta or "La jefa" gave me her Huairuru seeds necklace made in peyote stitching technique.

It will be a wonderful gift for somebody who loves eco friendly gifts with meaning , who appreciate handmade, unique work from tribes that may see their life style disappear with the globalization and oil exploitation of the forest.

It is what is happening now in the rain forest of my country Ecuador. Even the indian reservations in the middle of the jungle are not isolated any more, and during the night canoe trips watching caimans, I was able to see in the horizon the fire caused by the oil exploitation. The pipeline runs like a big anaconda around all the roads, cutting the sanctuary of the forest with metal and oil.

Huairuru reed and black seed is believed to promote health, good luck and protection against negative energies. It grows in the peruvian and Ecuador Amazon rainforest. Let'spray huairuru, protects Siona indians against greed and colonization.


Cleopatra Tribal necklace/ Collar necklace/ Huairuru seeds rainforest necklace

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  • Do not bath, swim on the beach or go to the sauna ith the jewels due the seed beads are organic medium, it can cause they get soft and desintegrate.

    Store your seeded necklace in a dry place away from sun. Preferable wooden box.

  • huairuru red/black seeds

    Mustard seeds /small brown

    angel tears/ white seeds

    Threaded in nylon

    Seeded hook and seed bead clasp

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