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This necklace in teal was part of our 2017 catalog and we have reproduced again this year in new colors, because customers rule and is one of our best sellers designs.

The jewelry is made of tagua nut slices woven, and cover with resin for a precious stones look , that shines or reflects the light when the sun touches the piece, is like a blue moon reflecting in a lake. That is why, I have called my design "Blue Moon".

The colors available now are pink& berry for spring and multicolor with teals & orange ,yew for summer and also beautiful turquoise.

The price is not cheap because this particular resin tagua nut necklace took extra time and extra steps for give you the best look, because you deserve it!

Thank you for appreciating my jewelry, the support of the customers who really appreciate my ecoart keep me going in my passion of create eco jewels for a better world.

Bib tagua Statement necklace Red Teal Green Multicolor Pinks/ Bridal jewelry

$45.00 Regular Price
$33.75Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax