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7 Ways to reduce your Plastic Foot print for a clean ocean

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The image of a whale swimming in the Pacific ocean surrounded by an Ocean of plastic waste released by Care in social media last week, made me write this article because after seeing this beautiful animals surrounding our boat and swimming happily in Sitca , Alaska; I can not stop but think, everything we do is connected with the universe and we can either destroy or preserve the ocean just changing our habits.


Recently , at one of my Art shows , I have the opportunity to meet Janice from #shoresweep she is artist, teacher and advocate , who is bringing clean ocean awareness to the schools as a part to the school programs, her students get together to clean the shoreline at local San Diego beaches and research facts about ocean pollution. Between the shocking facts I discovered reading their school work, are: Plastic floating in the middle of the Pacific ocean is bigger than the State of Texas and also 10% of animals appeared dead in the beaches are entangled in plastic bags. The same bags we request to carry our daily groceries!

What are you willing to do to diminish plastic debris in the oceans? The solutions are so simple and do not change your life and in fact save you money. Easy, cheap and rewarding in the heart , specially when you see a happy school of dolphins swimming close to you at open sea.


TIP # 1

BRING YOUR OWN BAGS EVERYWHERE: Carrying fabric supermarket bags in your car seat pockets or trunk is a way to have it handy when needed, or carrying a small folded canvas bag in your purse is a way to save you 0.10 cents per bag in the groceries stores or drugstores in CA and also reduces your plastic consumption

TIP # 2

BRING YOUR OWN METAL BOTTLE TO THE GYM OR OFFICE: Instead of spending a dollar for a plastic bottled water at the gym or office, bring in your lunch your own insulated metal bottle it saves you money and less plastic bottles end in the landfills

TIP # 3

ALWAYS RECYCLE: Nobody is perfect, so the next time you have to order a plastic bag in the super, try to use it again, over and over, either to collect your own garbage at the beach, your trash at the bathroom or as container for your dirty shoes or underwear when you travel.


REFUSE PLASTIC STRAW AND TO GO IN THE BAR AND RESTAURANTS: Plastic straws, you know where it ends, in the nose of the turtles and suffocating they to death, styrofoam from "to go" restaurant meals will survive hundreds of years and not be biodegraded by nature. So the next time, when in a bar or a cruise, refuse plastic straws in your cocktails and do not ask to go, you will look slimmer, sexier and healthier when you refuse to bring to your home leftovers.

TIP# 5

DO NOT BUY PLASTIC JEWELS, PERIOD: I started to work in eco jewels since 2010, when I did my first local farmers market in Scripps Ranch, sharing my eco friendly jewelry made on tagua nuts with my neighbours, these beautiful nuts can be carved in many shapes, like wood and died in all the colors of the rainbow and look, like coral, larimar or even faceted like diamonds, they are Organic jewels, and my line is "Organic Jewelry by Allie". There are not as cheap as plastic jewels, but are trendy and unique, hand made, and each time you wear one, you can smile with happiness because the making of jewels in nuts and seeds is helping to keep our trees in the Amazon. So, I beg you, please stop, the shopping of cheap, plastic jewels that you are going to throw away the next season and invest unique jewels with a good karma.

TIP# 6

PREFER ORGANIC FABRICS: Eliminate from your wardrobe, polyester, rayon and other man made fabrics, they do not breathe like cotton, they stink at the end of the day and they require dry cleaning to survive. Also washing this fabrics in your wash machine liberates microplastics to the sewage that ends in the oceans and even in our food chain when we eat wild caugh fish and tuna. Disgusting! Isn't it? Yes, the plastic like the karma get back to us, the polluters. So , is better invest in fabrics that last longer, made you look good and save you money by not using dry cleaners.


BE THE EXAMPLE , BE THE VOICE, SHARE AWARENESS WITH OTHERS: You may not have a class full of eager students, like my friend Janice, but your actions speak loud, when in the beach use the opportunity to pick the plastic trash left by others. With example you can lead an army of similar minded people just acting, not talking. We have released a collection "Deep Ocean" creating awareness about clean oceans and our role in preserving the ocean clean from plastics. Invest in meaningful jewels giving back, you can gift our bracelets and earrings as friendships bracelets, with a note : "Longing for clean oceans you and me". Be their voice of the voiceless. Marine life is precious and we must to keep it alive, healthy and happily swimming in the ocean, your playground is their home and they deserve a clean house like each one of us.


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